2019 Commencement: Welcome 2020!

December was a whirlwind, wasn’t it?! I mean, we joke about it - all the shopping, all the wrapping, all the baking, and that Elf on the Shelf, that mischievous little somebody…the struggle is real, amen?!

As wonderfully hectic and magical as it all is, there’s something refreshing about the clean slate of a brand new year. We are blessed once again with the chance to set our intentions, set new goals for ourselves, and look forward to what we imagine will be the best year yet.

We had plenty going on in December around WestView. We were fortunate to be working with wonderful Clients, collaborating with potential new ones, and we even got to take a few days off. If you are not in the construction industry, just trust me, days off are a big deal! Personally, I had a little extra going on: defending my thesis and (Praise to the Maker!) finishing up the required coursework for my graduate degree in Landscape Architecture. It was thrilling to walk across the stage in Cassell Coliseum sixteen years and one day after I had done so the first time.

Virginia Tech Landscape Architecture Class of 2019-woot woot!

Graduate school as a “grown up” came with all the expected challenges. But, I have found that the challenges make completing the task all-the-more worthwhile. All the commuting, all the late nights, all the deadlines, papers, and presentations - they’re behind us: We did it! The fresh start of a new year has never seemed so, well, FRESH.

On this first Monday of the new year, I wanted to send a personal thank you to our extended WestView family for all of your support while I worked toward this goal. Thank you for being patient with me (us), thank you for checking in on me (us), thank you for rooting for me (us). It’s an exciting time for us at WestView; We are ready for this new year, freshly-set goals and intentions in hand, and ready to rock 2020!

What’s on your mind for this new start? We’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a great kick-off to a brand new year,

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