Springtime and the WestView family

I didn't realize it had been so long since we had posted to the #westviewexperience page. It's finally spring which means that WestView is in full swing both in our shop and on several jobsites. Warmer temperatures and *HOPEFULLY* no more snow means it's that wonderful time of year where we forget our winter blues and enjoy working without building forts over all of our jobs.

Yes, this is how we've been working for the last few months.


Last week I stopped by a Client's home to take a few photos and noticed this just outside the area where the WestView guys were working. As we have worked with this particular couple on several projects over the last few years, they have become part of the WestView family. This kind gesture to make sure the team felt at home got me thinking about how very fortunate we are to have support all around us, especially when we go through long, cold winters.


We are proud of the craftmanship of our work. We work hard and commit ourselves daily to do what is right and honest and good. We are humbled, however by the many Clients that call us time and again, those who refer us to their friends and family, and those who take such good care of us. It is not uncommon, I guess, for our co-workers or teammates to become like family, but we are doubly blessed to have an ever-growing work family as we welcome new Clients into the WestView family every year. So in this season of fresh beginnings, of warmer days, and lifted spirits, thank you, Friends. Thank you for supporting us and working with us when we are slowed down by the elements; thank you for trusting us with your projects; thank you for becoming a part of our family. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Welcome back, Spring. Boy have we missed you!


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