Pantone Color of the Year!

We are so excited about Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year! Marsala is a rich earthy color. We frequently use Pantone Colors in our print media at WestView but are excited about the possibilities of the color to inspire our designs as well, especially the use with natural stone.

Below is marsala paired with a scabos travertine. Wouldn't marsala look great as an accent on top of a travertine patio, say in plush sofa cushions?

marsala + travertine

Marsala paired with a mastercut stone, Chestnut Grove.

blog post color2.jpg

This is a concept rendering we recently did for a client using the Chestnut Grove and marsala as an accent paint color. These two paired together would make for a very warm TV room!

rendering for blog.jpg

#pantone #marsala #coloroftheyear #naturalstone #luckstonecenter

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