Lights, Camera, Action!

On our most recent install on the Virginia Tech campus, we were excited to meet with representatives from the University who interviewed us for a video and article on the school’s website about the new signs we have been fabricating and installing. While Afton and I both think that we look and sound like goobers, we are honored that we were included and if you promise not to laugh at us, you can watch our Hollywood debut here.

WestView has really enjoyed working with the school to craft several different types of signage as part of the school’s efforts to make the campus easier to navigate and also give it a fresher look in line with its current branding standards.

This is an ongoing project which includes directional signage, identification signage, ADA access signage, and lit monuments for many of the buildings. We have installed about 125 signs to date, with a couple hundred more to go.

Here are a few of the signs we installed during our last trip:

photo 2-imp.jpg
photo 4-imp.jpg
photo 5-imp.jpg
photo 3-imp.jpg

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