Back to school

Inspired is one of our favorite words at WestView and this week, we are feeling inspired by this time of year. Even though we didn't start school ourselves, we love the excitement that comes with a new season and a new chapter in life. We enjoyed all of those pictures of our friends and family on the front porch, ready for their first days...and maybe we’re a little too into architecture, but hey, we enjoyed getting to see all of those front doors in the background.

Here are a couple of our favorite designer front doors from the web, all #westviewapproved:


We love the detail and the glass on this door.


These shutters ooze southern charm!


Can't you just picture what is behind these doors?!


Simple, elegant, ahhhhhh.....


Love the pattern and the solid wood...

Happy September, Friends, we hope those first days of school were the best!

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