The Extra Mile: A Dip in the Pool

Sometimes people ask us what makes WestView different than other firms. Well, we are extremely proud of the quality of our work, and I cannot say enough about the willingness of the WestView team to go the proverbial extra mile...but sometimes, that extra mile isn’t so bad.

This week we have been working on some repairs to the stone around a beautiful pool. Since it’s August and the coping around the pool was failing, our masons hopped right in and worked from the water. I was able to shoot a few photos while Alwin worked from below. (And yes, he is holding a net to keep any mortar from falling into the pool)



While I was there I was lucky to get the chance to chat with our Clients, and they were so sweet to show me all around their little oasis. While this backyard predated our relationship with the Homeowners, it got me thinking about the inspiration that can be found all around us. So, with that in mind, I would love the opportunity to share what inspires us at WestView with our friends.

Inspiration #1: the backyard getaway in late summer, and any work that requires getting into the pool! #westviewapproved




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