Dining al fresco tonight?

Some of our favorite residential projects in the summer are the outdoor spaces we create. What we love the most is to hear how our Clients’ first party or family dinner went in their new space. And sometimes we’re just lucky enough to be invited over for a drink, or a meal, or to sit by the fire with new friends and just enjoy the scenery.

A growing trend in our area is the outdoor kitchen. There is just something more fun and relaxing about cooking and dining in our backyards than in our kitchens, isn’t there? While the outdoor kitchen is not a new idea by any means, over the last few years we have met with more and more folks looking to go beyond the traditional backyard barbecue. Very often, Homeowners are looking for all of the comforts of their indoor kitchen to be available in their backyards. Refrigerators, kegarators, wine chillers, and pizza ovens are just a few of the common items we are installing outdoors.

We have been working on a handful of open air dining ares this summer and have a few more in the works. Here are a few progress photos from various sites. We’re looking forward to hearing about first meals, parties, and fires in these spaces...and hey, maybe we’ll be there too.

pak rendering1-imp.jpg

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