WestView Hokies back on campus

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The Hokies on our staff (myself included) are really excited to be working on a large project with Virginia Tech. We are delighted to be back on campus installing several different types of signage. As we have been on site, we have been noticing how much things can change in a place without really changing at all. VT, for the most part, is laid out the same way it was when we were students. The iconic Burruss Hall and Lane Stadium stand proudly against the Blacksburg breeze. There are new buildings, but mostly the campus looks like it did when we were there. Somehow the students seem younger (because certainly it isn’t US getting older!) and there is more technology just walking around than we remember.

The signs, we fabricate here in our shop and lovingly haul down Interstate 81 to place them in their new homes. We leave them there to guide thousands of new students and visitors to their destinatations. The school’s rebranding efforts are fresh and tell the story of a school that is resilient and cutting edge, and traditional and innovative, all at once. We are proud to be a part of this job, and thankful for our collective experiences in Blacksburg.

As we hope to enjoy the opportunity to work with Tech and other schools for a long time, we will probably share a lot of photos and thoughts on our work along the way. It’s hard to hide your pride in your alma mater sometimes. Here are a few shots of signage installed over our last couple of trips. Please excuse our appearance after a long day installing, but we were happy to have all four WestView Hokies on campus together!


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