Happy birthday, America. Think we'll celebrate on the porch.


Independence day marks mid-summer to us at WestView and it's got us thinking about our favorite summer traditions. We're thinking about our friends on the coast today, evacuating or hunkering down to wait out Hurricane Arthur, and we're even expecting a little rain ourselves.

High on our summer list is beach time, baseball, music festivals, and fireflies but, hands down our favorite thing about the lazy days of summer is time on our porches. Front porch, back porch, deck, stoop, we're just glad to be communing with nature while enjoying a cool beverage.


In honor of our favorite summertime tradition, we've created a Pinterest board of inspiring porches. We would love to watch the fireworks tonight from any one of these spots!

Thank you to all of those who have served and continue to serve our country. Happy birthday, America!

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